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If you’re looking to stay one step ahead of the online marketing game, now is the time to look into the top trends of SEO agencies. By being prepared you’ll help your business to really take off in the upcoming year, leaving your competitors trailing behind. Below you’ll find the top trends that all businesses should follow.

Trend #1: Listening to consumer opinions

It’s being said that consumers should be your marketers. With social media websites being more popular than ever before, consumers are using them as a way to sound off about the products and services they like and what they don’t like. If you fail to take the reviews written on these sites seriously, you could risk seriously damaging your business reputation. All good businesses will pay extra attention to consumer reviews in the upcoming year.

Trend #2: Mobile marketing

The amount of mobiles being used to view webpages has increased by 35% in comparison to last year. This is set to increase further.  Therefore if you haven’t already made sure that your website is optimised for mobile viewing, now is definitely the time to do so.

Trend #3: Focusing on deals

Websites such as Groupon have increased in popularity. These days’ consumers want to find the best deals on products and services. If you want to really improve your business then you’ll want to focus on offering as many deals as possible. Announcing them through social media is the way to go. Keeping your prices low and your deals competitive will help to keep consumers interested in your business.

Trend #4: Local marketing

Google has started to crack down on local advertisements. The goal of the site is to provide customers with local, relevant results. Therefore if you want to see your business show up in more results, you’ll need to focus on local marketing strategies. Geo-target your website and you’ll be well on the way to ranking higher in search engines.

Trend #5: Analyse your SEO results

The key to successful marketing is to monitor your results. What worked and didn’t work? Which marketing efforts are taking up too much time and money and not giving you anything back? You need to keep an eye on your marketing strategy so that you can change things as and when it’s needed.

Trend #6: User Centric Analysis

It will become much easier to track your website visitors after a new update to Google Analytics kicks in. Businesses should give more attention to where their site visitors are coming from. The new update will not only show you which leads went on to make a purchase, but also how much profit they made you. It tracks how often that particular customer uses your services.

The above are the main trends to watch out for. You really need to focus on making sure your website is accessible via smartphones and tablets as well as computers.