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There is no denying that RSS feeds have revolutionised the way people view and source information on the internet. Virtually every regularly updated website or blog worth its salt now allow people to easily subscribe to their newsfeeds at the click of a button.  Free and widely available applications such as Google Reader make a wealth of data available to all internet users, whether at work, on the home laptop or on the move via a mobile device. It is no surprise that the growth of RSS feeds have had profound implications for online marketing strategies, but have some businesses made the mistake of becoming too reliant on RSS feeds to reach out to their customers?

Don’t let your online marketing become RSS reliant.

Valuable as RSS feeds are, the cornerstone of online marketing is still the email newsletter. The majority of people are conservative by nature and adopt new communication technologies only gradually. The truth of the matter is that many internet users still prefer an old school newsletter to an RSS news subscription.

Data overload

Even for your website users who do subscribe to your RSS feeds, chances are that your website is just one of many that they are following. How do you make sure that your customers do not miss out on important updates, promotions and blog articles; lost in a sea of data? The answer is to issue a periodic ‘digest’ email newsletter with links to all the best news updates. If you send these out on a monthly or weekly basis – depending on how often you update your site; you can compensate for the propensity of your blog posts being lost in a flood of RSS feed updates in Google Reader.

Market your RSS feed

Like any online marketing tool, RSS feeds are only as effective as the person who markets them. This is why it is so important not simply to create great content, but to make sure it is visible to your target audience. Take some time to seek out some good blog directory and RSS submission sites and post your links there. Unlike link farms and other so called ‘seo directory’ sites, many people use RSS and blog directories when seeking out interesting content.

RSS feeds are not the be-all and end-all of online marketing, and it is a mistake to assume that they somehow supplant the importance of regular email newsletter updates, but they are a powerful tool in your online marketing repertoire. When properly managed and marketed, they can be a good source of new traffic to your website.